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New Welding Class Ignites Passion For Learning

Welding Course Ignites Passion For Learning

A new hands-on technical class offered at Crittenden County High School has ignited more than just interest among students. Thanks to the skills students are learning in the class, it’s igniting backyard fires in many community members’ backyards, thanks to the class’ latest project of custom Rocket fire pits.  

The new welding program is the result of collaboration between Saturn Machine and Welding, Riley Tool and Machine, and Crittenden County Schools, and it gives high school students the opportunity to hone their skills while gaining authentic work experience in the process. 

Mickey Bayer, a recently-retired welding instructor with nearly three decades’ experience, teaches the course at Crittenden County High School. Students learn from Bayer in the newly-renovated shop during a course at school and then travel to either Saturn Machine and Welding or Riley Tool and Machine for a co-op experience. In the classroom, students learn via lecture and hands-on work, demonstrating their knowledge through written exams, labwork, and projects. Bayer said the response to the course has been outstanding and credits collaboration for its success. “Todd Riley with Riley Tool and Machine, along with Charles Lynch and Jacob May with Saturn, have worked diligently with school administration to secure equipment and provide resources to make this opportunity happen for students,” said Bayer.

Bayer explains that students receive both high school credit for the course and have the chance to pass two industry certification welding tests. This year, seven students are enrolled in the course and all have passed at least one certification this school year. 

Senior Jason Ford appreciates the diverse teaching methods used in the class. “I love the class, because it gives me hands-on experience and the chance to co-op, while learning about several different welding and cutting processes,” he said.

Bayer said the class will be offered again next year to interested students. 

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