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Crittenden County

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Gifted & Talented

Gifted & Talented

About the GT Program at Crittenden County Schools

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In accordance with 704 KAR 3:285 the Crittenden County Board of Education offers a differentiated education program for students who are identified as being within the definition of exceptional children. Those children are identified as possessing demonstrated or potential ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in general intellectual aptitude, specific academic aptitude, creative or divergent thinking, or leadership skills, or in the visual or performing arts as required by KRS 157.230.


To qualify as a Gifted and Talented student in grades four through twelve, the following criteria shall be met in one of the Gifted and Talented categories: General Intellectual Ability, Specific Academic Aptitude, Creativity, Leadership/Psychosocial, and Visual or Performing Art.

For students in grades 4-12, the district’s procedure for identifying and diagnosing gifted and talented behaviors shall include at least three of the following options for identification and diagnosis:

  •  Anecdotal records
  • Checklist inventories (underachieving or disadvantaged)
  • Continuous Progress Data
  • Informal Assessment
  • Nominations   - self or petition
  • Referrals/Recommendation – Teacher
  • 9th Stanine on Comp. Test of Intellectual Ability
  • Behavioral Checklist Inventories
  • Collection of Evidence from Portfolios
  • High Performance on Intellectual Assessment
  • Nominations – Peer
  • Observation of Applied Advanced Reasoning Ability
  • Referrals/Recommendation – Parent
  • Student Awards or Critiques
The procedure for selecting learners to participate in the Primary Talent Pool shall include a minimum of three of the following options to assess demonstrated gifted characteristics and behavior. 
  • Available Formal Test Data
  • Checklist Inventories of Behaviors Specific to Gifted Categories
  • Continuous Progress Data
  • Parent Interview or Questionnaire
  • Primary Review Committee Recommendation
  • Anecdotal Records
  • Collection of Evidence from Portfolios
  • Diagnostic Data (Screening Measure)
  • Petition System


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Notice of Nondiscrimination
Students, their families, employees and potential employees of Crittenden County Schools are hereby notified that the district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex or disability in employment, vocational programs offerings, admissions criteria, or activities as set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations.