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Our District and HS Administrative team enjoyed a Lunch and Learn session with Madisonville Community College today discussing future Dual Credit Opportunities for our students.  Please note the following:

HS students may, with proper approval, begin registering for Dual Credit courses offered through Madisonville Comm College in April.  In the past students had to wait until August.

KY will cover up to 9 hours of Dual Credit Courses while in HS and our Rocket Academy Scholarship up to 9 hours.  Other cost will be covered by the student/family at a reduced rate of $52/credit hour (1/3 the cost).

MCC offers over 200 dual credit courses for HS students, please see your Guidance Counselor.

The following link covers the information shared today in Madisonville.


Madisonville Comm College-Dual Credit Opportunities






Congratulations to Crittenden Co Middle School as they rolled out 300 Chromebooks to assist in student engagement and development of 21st Century Learning Skills.


Our District Admin Team collaborated with Union, Webster, Henderson Schools and Madisonville-Henderson Community Colleges today to promote Postsecondary Readiness opportunities for our students.  Good conversations and updates on SB1, Legislative action, Career pathways and College Readiness information.  Click on the link to see more information


Audubon Ed P-16 Council, Jan 17-2017





Here are some links that explain the #Chromebook Connect TECH Initiative









Crittenden County Schools is proud to initiate our Chromebook plan for Crittenden Co Middle and High School students.  The high school rollout was initiated on December 15 and will conclude on February 3.  The middle school will initiate a daily Chromebook plan in January but all students will have access to their own personal Chromebook to complete projects and lessons.  The middle school principal and SBDM will determine at what time students may become Take-Home users.

This is an exciting time for our students and staff and the goal is to Empower and Engage students in 21st Century Learning skills like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration and Communication.  Teachers are also piloting Chromebook Touch devices to design lessons that involve the learner so that our students are producers of information and not just consumers of information.

Here are some details that may be of importance to parents and students:

All MS/HS students will be assigned a Chromebook.  They will be a Day User or Take Home User.

Students will be assigned the same Chromebook each year.

$20 Tech Fee for all students will help us sustain this project.  

50% repair charge for those that pay the Tech Fee.  100% repair charge for all others. Chargers=full price

We will have a few loaner devices that students may borrow while a device is repaired.

If your device is lost or stolen you must report it immediately to a school official.




Article for The Crittenden Press


With silent lips.  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearing to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”  Emma Lazarus

Public education plays a vital role in preparing our students for the future of our communities.  It is not just making sure that students graduate,  but also that they graduate career- or college-ready and, above that, that they are community-ready.  One of our collective missions is to make sure students can accept the the challenges of the common good.  John Adams stated in 1785 that the whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people.  Our public schools are expected to fulfill certain public missions that go beyond the purely academic purposes of all schools, including:

  1. To provide universal access to free education
  2. To guarantee equal opportunities for all children
  3. To unify a diverse population
  4. To prepare people for citizenship in a democratic society
  5. To prepare people  to become economically self sufficient
  6. To improve social conditions

I wish to recognize our teachers and staff for all they give to not only educate our young people,  but also to make sure they are community-ready.  It’s our duty to educate all students, and “all” means all.  Our community depends on it. Our society depends on it.  The investment we make today into our students impacts the future of our community, state, and nation.  Crittenden County Schools is grateful for the support from our community.  We continue to build relationships and collaboration to grow opportunities for our students.  By working together, we can make Crittenden County a great place to live and learn.





Great start to the school year!  Our theme is "Inspiring Greatness" because we have great students and great staff.  Please read my back to school letter and first week report under Supt News.  I want to report our Sept 27 BOE meeting is changed to September 22 @6:00 pm and will be held at Crittenden Co Elem School.

We will hold a special called BOE meeting on Sept 2 at 5:45 to set the Local tax rate.  The meeting will take place at Rocket ARena Conference Room.  Currently our rate is 47.8cents per $100 of assessed property value and I will making a recommendation that our new rate be 45.9 cents per $100 for real property and 47.4 cents/$100 for personal property.




Prichard Committee, Kentucky Chamber issue "citizen's guide" to education in the state, progress made since enactment of KERA, ongoing issues


The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce have produced a special report tracking changes – and improvements – in the state's public education system over the last three decades. The document is now available online.

Titled "A Citizen's Guide to Kentucky Education reform, progress, continuing challenges," is a 10-page pamphlet that examines the state's K-12 and postsecondary education systems from the 1980s through today.

"Educators and policymakers have contributed tirelessly to Kentucky’s efforts to build a world-class education. But they have not tackled the problems alone," the report's authors write. "The state’s advocacy and business communities have been consistent partners in this work – sometimes pointing out shortcomings and calling for change, sometimes conveying messages of celebration, but always remaining steadfast in their support of Kentucky’s schools.

"Through the passage of the Kentucky Education Reform Act, the adoption of tougher academic standards, the reforms of postsecondary education and other key developments, business and community leaders have been consistent in their outspoken advocacy on behalf of Kentucky’s future and the high-quality education system essential to building it," the report reads.

The report covers areas such as the changes brought about in the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 and the Postsecondary Education Reform Act of 1997, dealing with the impact on P-20 programs by both of those laws. Information includes how Kentucky's academic performance measurements have changed in that period of time as well as how the state's per-pupil spending has fared compared with the national average. Also featured are data points on college degrees awarded over the last decade.

The full report may be viewed in pdf-form on the Web here





Our district will initiate our LPC/Facility PLan starting on July 14 @ 6:00 pm at Rocket Arena Conf Room.



Advertisement for Crittenden County Schools

Local Planning Committee  Orientation/ Training Meeting


The Crittenden County Schools’ Local Planning Committee (LPC) will conduct a PUBLIC MEETING on July 14, 2016 at 6:00pm, at the Crittenden County Schools, 601 West Elm Street in the Rocker Arena Conference Room, Marion, KY  42064.   This is the first in a series of meetings to develop a District Facilities Plan for Crittenden County Schools.  The Kentucky Department of Education will be conducting a training session for LPC members at the first meeting. These meetings and future meetings will be informal gatherings to encourage local participation through community suggestions relative to future utilization of existing school facilities and construction of new school facilities. These community suggestions or recommendations will be closely monitored by the Local Planning Committee in the development of a proposed District Facility Plan for the Crittenden County School District.


The public is welcome and invited to this series of meetings.



Please find below a letter from our Commissioner of Ed, Dr. Stephen Pruitt, to USED on USED directive on accountability surrounding ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), which replaces NCLB and is supposedly allowing for more local control.


KY Commissioner Letter




Please note our statement concerning the US Department of Justice and Education letter of guidance on the use of restrooms by transgender students.


The goal of Crittenden County Schools is to protect the rights of all students while providing equal access to a public education in a safe learning environment.  While our district does not have a specific policy pertaining to the use of restrooms  by transgender students, we do have  a non-discrimination policy in place that states: There will be no discrimination in the Crittenden County School District based on age, color, disability, race, national origin, religion, sex or veteran status in its programs, services, activities and employment.


Crittenden County schools is waiting on guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky School Boards Association before adopting policies that address the rights of transgender students. Currently, our practice is to accommodate all students in a safe learning environment within the resources of our facilities through collaboration with the student, parent, and school staff.




Good morning, lots going on this month in Crittenden County Schools.  Horizons and the Jr Class have returned from their trips to Europe and Washington DC.  Mrs. Kim Vince will be presenting to the BOE on Thursday, April 21 on both trips.  Our CCMS Chess Team just returned from Indianapolis yesterday where they finished 6th out of 32 teams in the United States Chess Federation National Tournament.  We are so proud of our "Blue Knights" and Coach Don Winters.  What a great accomplishment. They defeated teams from New Jersey, New York, Michigan and Nebraska to finish in the top ten. They missed 4th place by 1/2 half a point.  They will be recognized at our BOE meeting on Thursday night. 


CCMS Chess Team Info


CCMS Chess Team Photo w/ Trophy


FBLA will be competing this week in Louisville.  We'll know more on WED.


On another note, it appears that public education will escape proposed budget cuts by the Gov as Legislators hammered out a Budget last week.  The Gov still has Veto authority without any overrides by Legislators due to time constraints.

Some of the good news is that public education may not endure the 4.5% for the current year or 9% for each of the following 2 years.  We are not getting any more funds but we are not getting any less funds either.  This is important as Textbook/Tech, ESS, Safe Schools, and especially FRYSC appeared to be spared.  These programs help to support staff and schools to close the learning gap for students.

Another item that I'm excited about for our graduates includes the establishment of the "Work Ready Scholarship" for students with a 2.5 GPA who take at least 15 hours of college credits at any Community College or University/College in KY.  This "tuition gap scholarship" provides a debt free 2-year jump for students working towards their college degree.


I invite everyone out to the CCHS/MS "Arts in the Evening @ 6:00 in the MPR.  You'll see some special projects that our students have completed!




Congratulations Chess Team,

Here is a note from Chess Team Coach Don Winters,


On Saturday the Blue Knights competed in the State Team Chess Tournament in Shepherdsville.  There were 64 total teams, 16 in each section, K3, K5, K8, and K12 competing for a state championship. 


The K8 team of Chase Stevens, Skyler James, Cole Swinford, Gage Russell, and Dominic Rorer was able to get 3 out of 4 points and come away with a 2nd place finish.  They were able to win against Beaumont, Sayer, and Thomas Jefferson.  Their only loss would come against Winburn Middle from Lexington, who would go on to be this year’s state champions.  I could not be prouder of this K8 team.  They have been at the top of their section all year and to come away with 2nd in the state is truly an accomplishment.  A 2nd place finish earns them a trip to the Junior High National Championship in Indianapolis in April.  This is the first team to place in the top two at State since 2000, in which the Middle School team won the state championship, and I was a player on that team.


The K12 team of Benny Tucker, Clay Stevens, Gage Moore, and Brandon Wilson tied for 7th place with just 2 wins. 


The K5 team and K3 team had a tough tournament playing against and losing to teams who all placed in the top 5.  K3 team members were Hayden Hildebrand, Wyatt Russell, Zak Smith, Nai’Zayah Bell, Donte Bell, Kole Willams, and Zeke Smith.  K5 team members were Evan McDowell, Abbey Swinford, Marley Phelps, Mya Moore, Maddie Schiller, and Koby Willams.


I am extremely proud of all of these players.  Each one represented their team and community very well.  They played very well against some very tough competition.  We have had a great season, and I’m looking forward to next year.  Thank you all for your support.


K-8 Chess Team




Good afternoon, I was sad to hear that Judy Rhoads will be retiring as the President of Madisonville Community College.  She has faithfully served MCC and our region since 1998.  I am reminded of the opportunities that our Community Colleges offers our high school graduates through degrees, diplomas and certificates.  MCC helps provide citizens with higher wage in high demand work ready programs as well as seamless transfers into the baccalaureate programs at our universities.  MCC offers several on line, dual credit courses for our high school Jr and Srs.  This is a great way to get a head start on your college academics at a reduced tuition rate.  Visit   for more information.




Good afternoon,  I want to share some important information that will be shared at our March 10 BOE Working Session.

Emily Lowery will be sharing our progress on the Community Eligibility Program for Breakfast and Lunch.  The powerpoint below shares the process for you:


Mrs. D Lusby will be sharing our work on the Non Traditional School Day Application for 2016-17.

This learn from home model has been piloted by 40 school districts this school year and we hope to implement our program next school year to keep learning fresh for students and help manage excessive snow days that we accumulate.  Students would complete electronic lessons from the the internet or prepared learning lessons.




Good morning. Crittenden Co Schools focuses our efforts on creating opportunities for all our students.  From College/Career Ready to Kindergarten Ready, we devote our time and expertise to challenge our students and develop strategies to close performance gaps.  Last week our BOE weighed in another topic of concern for Crittenden Co Student-Athletes as well other small schools across the state.  As you may already know our Boys Basketball team opted out of the All A Classic this year along with neighbors Lyon and Livingston in protest of the recruiting practices through scholarships and financial assistance of other schools in our region and state.  In response, the All  A Classic drafted a rule that now requires all teams in a district to participate in the All A Tournament or none can.  Essentially they told us that if our Boys team did not play next year then our Girls BB team would not be allowed to play or any of our teams which include Golf, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Softball and Cheerleading.  It is disappointing that they would punish other teams to make a point.  To preserve the opportunity for our student athletes we will be participating in the 2016-17 All A tournaments, I applaud our BOE for making the best decision for our students.  The statement by our BOE is included under Superintendent News.


BOE response from Feb 16 on the ALL A





As of today Crittenden County Schools has missed 9 days of school (Jan 11,12,20,21,25 and Feb 9,11,12).  We intend to have a student day on April 11(originally scheduled for a Teacher Plan Day) and move that TP day to May 17.  Last day for students is scheduled for Thursday May 26 at this time but there is more weather expected Sunday/Monday.  At this time Graduation is set for Friday, May 27.  Many more snow days and we will consider Saturday and Spring Break days for make up days to keep students out of June.  I recommend having students read at home and research topics and have discussions about the content.  It is good to challenge their thinking skills when they out for consecutive days.

I want to share a video link that shows us the importance of College and Career Readiness with an emphasis on the Career Ready/Work Ready.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.







Good morning, our 2 hour delay has proven successful as students arrived safely and are now in class.  A 2 hour delay allows our buses extra daylight to see random patches of snow, ice and turnarounds and allows extra time for our HS drivers to arrive safely.  It's amazing how a little more sunlight on our asphalt roads help clear up the roadways. 

I wanted to share that our Food Service Dept is unable to prepare breakfast on days that school starts at 10:00(2 hour delay).  Our kitchens are actually preparing food for lunches at that time.  So we are asking that parents feed their child breakfast on days in which we have a 2 hour delay.  If we operate on a 1 hour delay(9:00 starting time) then students can expect breakfast in the school cafeteria because it allows time to prepare breakfast.  Thank you for your cooperation on these matters.




It was nice to have a full week of school.  I just returned from Frankfort where I was able to meet with several Senators and Representatives about Education issues, Teacher Pension Plans, Budget for Public School Districts and SB 1(KY CommonCore, Assessment/Accountability and Program Review).  I am happy to report that the general feeling is there is a strong commitment that Teacher Pensions will be fully funded but it will take about 4 years to phase in the complete plan as the current budget covers about 2/3 of the required funding from the state budget. Even  though SEEK funding is expected to remain constant at $3981 for each child there are expected cuts in the area a FRYSC, Textbooks, SafeSchools, PreSchool, PD and Extended School Services in terms of 4.5% currently then possibly 9% for the upcoming school year.


I want our community to know that we will remain focused on student and student learning while we adjust to a new governor and budget adjustments.  One of the areas that we are working on is improving the Kindergarten Readiness for students between birth and the age of 5.  Research shows us that 90% of the brain develops in the first 5 years.  A child's vocabulary as early as age 3 can predict third grade reading performance. A child's first classroom is the home and the parent is the first and most important teacher.  The quality and quantity of language is critical.  Reading at grade level by the end of the third grade is a huge predictor of school success.  Any parent or guardian can click on the link below to find more research and activities to engage their child.





December has arrived as our first semester is rapidly coming to a close this month.  We have had a great semester with Proficiency scores for our district and last weeks auditor report stating that our district is in good financial shape with over $1 million in restricted and unrestricted fund balance.  This good news will allow us to move forward on some blacktop projects and facility needs.  We will also be replacing one of our district vehicles used to transport students and staff.  We have held a tight financial line while improving our bus fleet, purchasing textbooks and instructional resources and upgrading technology in all schools.  We are able to maintain our teaching staff to deliver quality instruction with state mandated staff raises thanks to increased enrollment and the 4% tax increase in 2014 that helped generate an additional $110,000.  Our BOE has met twice with KDE to discuss our bonding potential to start conversations about our next building/renovation project.  Currently our Middle School was built in 1949 and our High School was built in 1975.  More conversations will occur during the spring with our Facility Comm meeting in May.

I am also happy to report that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act passed the Every Student Succeeds Act which replaces federal adequate yearly progress with statewide accountability system.  So more local control is in order for public education.

Here is a link to the summary of ESEA reauthorization:




Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.   This quote by Margaret Meade makes me think of our Crittenden County educators and the incredible work they do each day on behalf of all our students.  We have a lot to be Thankful for in Crittenden County and our staff from Bus Drivers, Food service, Custodians, School Office Staff, District Support, Administrators, Teachers and Assistants make this a great place to teach and learn.



Crittenden Co Schools welcomes Mountain Comprehensive Care Center to our district as they provide school based counseling for all students.  MCCC has been established in eastern Kentucky and is expanding their services to western Kentucky.  Students can be referred for services by teachers, parents, medical provider or Family Resource Centers.  Referral forms are located at each school and are managed by the school Guidance Counselor.  Services will begin in November and will be provided by Bill McMicman and Ashley Turley as the search for additional counselors will continue.  Specific information can be found on the MCCC on the Quick Link section on our webpage.




Welcome back students and staff from Fall Break.  I hope everyone had a restful break.  Keep in mind that our 2016 Fall Break is 3 days long opposed to our regular 5 day Fall Break from the past.  We had a great first quarter and we look forward to our second quarter.  Teachers had a Teacher Planning Day yesterday, Oct 19.  Our next Teacher Planning Days will occur on Tuesday, Nov 3 and Monday, January 4.  Teacher planning days allow staff to get updates on district and State initiatives and provide essential planning time for teachers to develop/design Lesson Plans, Formative/Summative assessments and interventions for struggling learners.  Our last Teacher Planning Day is scheduled for Monday, April 11, after spring break. Teacher Planning Days can be used as student make up days due to inclement weather or flu.

Our mission is to engage and empower students every day.  An important part of this mission is for students to be in attendance each day unless they have a valid reason for missing school.  Our District attendance rate after the first quarter stands at 95.51%.  Please make sure students are at school each day unless they have a valid reason for missing school.  Students learn best when they are in a classroom connected to trained educators.  Our goal is to increase our attendance rate to 97%.




We are happy to report that our school district has earned Proficiency Status for the second consecutive year with our 68.6 overall score ranking us in the 86th percentile.  This is the result of coordinated efforts by our teachers, support staff and administration.  None of which could occur without the support and encouragement of our Rocket community and families.  Kudos to Crittenden Co High School and Crittenden Co Elementary for their Proficiency/Progressing rating.  Crittenden Co High School also earned a High Progress rating for being in the top 10% of improvement schools in the state. 

Click here to visit our District or School Report Card:


Our school district is working hard to improve attendance in our district.  Recent data show that after 8 weeks of school our Attendance Rate stands at 95.52 which is greater than last year's mark of 94.86 and the previous year of 94.99 for the same amount of time.  Good attendance is so important to the success of our students and research shows us that excessive absentism is an strong indicator of potential drop out.  Children in pre school, Kindergarten and first grade are less likely to read at grade level by the third grade.  Students that cannot read at grade level by the end of third grade are four times more likely than proficient readers to drop out of high school.  In high school, irregular attendance is a better predictor of school dropout than test scores.  High school dropouts contribute to a cycle of poverty, poor health, homelessness and incarceration.  Excessive absences are excused or unexcused absences that total more than 10%.



Good morning, I wanted to share our plan to address the ant problem at CCMS.  We have been treating our ant infestation since school started but state regulations control when, what chemicals are used and how often treatments can occur.  Our Pest Management contractor will be here on Friday after students leave the building to inspect and make an interior and exterior treatment for the ants.  They will also inspect the crawl space to determine a nesting site.

We apologize to our students and parents that are enduring the extra visitors when they arrive home. We realize ants are being found in backpacks, books and materials.  Our contractor has been treating the problem and will continue to address the problem.  We need all the lockers emptied tomorrow by 3:00 so the exterminator can treat the infected areas. 

This process will be repeated over fall break.

Thank you,

Supt Clark



A letter to staff:

I wanted to share out some information with everyone as we enter September and we are generating momentum.

Our Blueprint for Success includes the following components that we must be ALL IN(All IN Shirt day is tomorrow) in order to move our district forward.

  1. The development of Pre and Post Summative Assessments that represent what students should learn as a result of being in your classroom.

  2. Concept Calendars that represent what should be covered in 36 weeks.  These big ideas should be chunked out over 36 weeks, divided into instructional units

  3. Lesson Plans that include the Standard, Learning Target, Learning Activity, Question(s) and how the learning will be evaluated (Formative Assessment)

  4. A plan for what happens FOR students in the classroom or school when they don’t learn it

  5. A commitment to PLC Teamwork in which the focus on collaboration reviews the following:

    • What are students expected to learn in my class during the Unit (standards)

    • How will I know when they’ve learned it (assessment)

    • What happens when they don’t learn it (interventions)


Another point of discussion for all Certified Staff involves the issues surrounding KTRS.  Yesterday, GRREC shared the Gov link that shows the work of the KTRS Funding Work Group with Superintendents.  They hope to have a recommendation to the Gov by Dec 1, 2015.  This link will show you the agendas, ppt presentations and other pertinent information that we all should be interested in.  The bottom line is there’s a funding gap for KTRS and recent numbers show that the system is currently 54% solvent and the proposed $3billion selling of bonds(highly recommended) would get us to 74% solvency.  Many legislatures are hesitant to approve the selling of bonds to offset the funding gap and is asking for other components of the KTRS system to be tweaked before adopting a funding solution.  The best advice given yesterday was for all certified staff to contact your legislatures and let them know how important KTRS is to each of us, our community(recruiting/retaining HQ staff) and our state economy.


Here is the link:


Here are our legislator links:


Lynn Bechler, Representative

Bechler, Lynn (State Rep.) (LRC) (


Dorsey Ridley, Senator

Ridley, Dorsey (State Sen.)  (LRC) (Dorsey.Ridley@LRC.KY.GOV)


Thank you for all you do on behalf of students, staff and our schools regardless of the issues we face.



Vince Clark


Crittenden County Schools

601 West Elm Street

Marion, KY   42064

Work: 270-965-3525

Fax:  270-965-9064



As we close out August and get ready for September I want to share some important upcoming dates


Grow Our Own Leaders Program (for any staff member): 3:30-4:30 @ Rocket Arena Conference Room

                *Send me an email if you plan to attend on Sept 10 or any day.  I plan to use ED Leadership articles, Gallup Poll results plus Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership

September 10

October 22

December 10

Spring dates will be determined later.


District Teacher Leader: 3:30-4:30 @ Rocket Arena Conference Room

                *You will receive a calendar invite

September 24

October 29

December 1

Spring dates will be determined later.


Energy Efficiency Leadership Meeting:  1:30-2:30

                *Tammy Duvall, Jody Porter, Carol Davis and Jennifer Bell.  We will need one student leader from each grade level to attend this training.

September 28 @ CCES

December 10 @ Rocket Arena Conf Room

Spring dates will be determined later.


Other important dates are:

#therocketway  ALL IN shirt day is September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4

Safe School Assessment Audit @ CCES on Sept 9

Picture Day at CCHS is Sept 18 ( *All staff need to have picture badges)

Picture Day at CCES is Sept 24

HS Color Run on October 27

Council of Councils Meeting on November 19 at 6:00 ( This includes our BOE, SBDM and Student Councils)


Tax Hearing is Sept 10 at 5:30

BOE Special Called Meeting is Sept 10 and Sept 24 @ 6:00


High Attendance Day is Sept 24 (Currently our attendance is 96.21 compared to 96.21 from last year)


Teacher Planning Days

October 19(KTRS information and TECH Update in the morning and Teacher Planning in the afternoon)

Nov 3 (Understanding Poverty #2 in the morning-Teacher Planning in the afternoon)


I will start my Drop In schedule in September so don’t be surprised to see me in your classroom.

Keep up the good work and the positive energy that has been generated.


ALL IN (Relationships, Optimism, Committed to Excellence, Kids First, Engage/Empower, Teamwork


Please note that our September BOE meeting dates have changed.

Our September 1 working session has been rescheduled for September 10 @ 6:00. This will be a special called meeting. Our required Tax Hearing will be held at 5:30 in Rocket Arena Conference Room

Our September 29 Regular session has been rescheduled for September 24 @ 6:00.  This will be a special called meeting.


Crittenden County Schools has had a busy week with Co-Teaching Training at CCHS and CCES and the Understanding Poverty PD yesterday for our entire staff was a huge success.  Today we have Back to School Bash at CCMS/HS from 4:30-6:00 and CCES has Sneak A Peek from 5:30-7:30.  Cameron Mills (2 time National Champion at UK) spoke last night in Rocket Arena.  Day 2 of our Instructional Strategies Inst will be on Friday, August 7 for all Certified Staff with a Legal Update wrap up by BOE Attorney Roy Massey in the MPR.

Opening Day Event for all staff is on Monday, Aug 10 with Lunch to follow at 11:00.  Students first day is Tuesday, August 11.  Doors open at 7:30 for students.


Crittenden Co Schools is gearing up for an outstanding 2015-16 school year!  I want to share some very important upcoming dates:

Please note the following:


July 23   Administrators Retreat @ the Ed Tech Center     8:00-5:00;  Light Breakfast at 8:00 then Tech Check;

July 24   Bus Driver Update Training @ MPR          8:00-4:00

July 27   SBDM New Member Training @ Rocket Arena Conf Rm - 9:00-3:00 with a working lunch

July 30   BOE Regular Meeting @ 6:00 Rocket Arena Conference Room

July 31   New Staff Orientation 9:00-3:00 at Rocket Arena Conf Room, This is for all new hires to our district, Classified and Certified Staff.   A light breakfast is provided and we’ll go out for lunch together

Aug 3     SBDM Experienced Member Training  4:00-7:00 @ Rocket Arena Conference Room

Aug 3     Co Teaching Training at CCES 8:30-3:30

Aug 4     Co Teaching Training at CCHS 8:30-3:30

Aug 4     BOE Working Session at Rocket Arena Conference Room 6:00

Aug 5     Instructional Strategies Institute / District PD Day – Understanding Poverty at MPR @ 8:00-3:00 for ALL Staff

Aug 6     Teacher Planning Day    CCES-1:30-8:30(5:00-6:00 A-L; 6:30-7:30 M-Z=Sneak A Peek)                         CCMS/HS-12:00-7:00(4:30-6:00=Back to School Bash)

Aug 6     Substitute Teacher Training         9:00-12:00 @ Rocket Arena Conference Room;  11:00-12:00 is Active Shooter Training for new hires and any staff member that missed the June training!

Aug 7     Instructional Strategies Institute 8:00-3:00 @ MPR

Aug 10  Opening Day at Rocket Arena-ALL STAFF ; Grab&Go Breakfast at 8:00; Speaker at 8:30; Proficiency, Beat It! @ 10:00; Lunch at MPR at 11:30  ALL STAFF

Aug 11  Best first day ever!



Crittenden County Schools had a great Closing Day on Wed.  Thanks to everyone for an outstanding school year. Thanks to our Community Business Partner of the Year, Farmers Bank, for joining us for our EOY event and Breakfast.

I am also happy to report that our Rocket Summer Feeding Program kicked off yesterday with great success, 66 students participated.  Good job Crittenden County Food Service Director Emily Lowery!


The KY State Police will be conducting an Active Shooter Training Drill on June 1 at CCES and June 2 at CCHS/CCMS for all staff this week.  Visitors and traffic will be limited.  This is another layer of safety that our BOE has approved including the Intruder Drill last December with local law enforcement.



Congratulations Graduating Srs, we are proud of you and your accomplishments for representing our school and community in a positive light.



We had a nice Baccalaureate service last night. Brother David Davis' message focused on 4 things for our departing Seniors:

1) Be careful in all that you do

2) Have a caring heart for everybody

3) Be calm

4) Be courageous, have the courage to do what is right



Transition Day was a big hit today for Head Start through 8th grade.  Students were able to visit with their teachers for next year and learn expectations for a new grade level and for some, a new school.  There were lots of positive energy and plenty of smiles which showed me students are ready to move forward.  Parents, please discuss this event with your child tonight or this weekend.

Congratulations to our HS Girls Softball Team for winning the 5th District last night by defeating Lyon C0 2-1.  It was an outstanding team performance by our girls. We are proud of them.

Good luck to Margaret Sitar, Aaron Lucas and Colby Watson at the State Track Meet..



Congratulations to the following teachers that were recognized on May 16 for Excellence in Teaching at Campbellsville University:

Kim Vince-Crittenden County High School

Neal Bryant-Crittenden County Middle School

Sarah Riley-Crittenden County Elementary School

Please join me in congratulating Mr. Curtis Brown, CCHS Principal for his acceptance into The Leadership Institute for School Principals sponsored by the KY Chamber Foundation.  This is a collaboration between the KY Business Community and the KY Public Schools/KDE.

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CCHS Girls Softball had a great victory over Livingston last night in District Tournament play.  Our girls now play Thursday @ 7:00 in the championship game against Lyon Co.   The CCHS Baseball team played a great game but lost to Trigg 2-1 last night.

Kudos to the following for qualifying for the State Track Championship:

Aaron Lucas is the Regional Champion in the 3200 m and runner up in 1600 m.

Colby Watson is the runner up in the high jump

Margaret Sitar is the Girls Regional Champion in the 1600 m

All three will be representing Crittenden Co on May 22/23 at State, Good Luck!



Everything is moving at a rapid pace for Crittenden County Schools!  The Greenhouse is selling flowers and schools are preparing for Testing.  CCHS started End of Course Assessments today and the Elem and Middle School is preparing for KYPREP on Thursday, May 14 through Wednesday, May 20.  Please encourage our students to try their best.  We've had a great year and want to finish strong.

On another note we are currently searching for full time custodians to fill a retirement and 2 resignations.  Interested candidates should complete an online application found on our website.  Starting wage is $9.63/hour with an increase to $9.82 after July 1. Full time positions include benefits including Health Insurance.

Congratulations to Diane Winters on her appointment as the District Finance Officer!

Important Dates to remember are:

May 21 @ 6:00 pm  -  5th Grade Graduation/Recognition

May 26 @ 6:00 pm  -  8th Grade Graduation/Recognition

May 27     Baccalaureate @ 6:00

May 28     Class Night @ 6:00

May 29     Last Day for students and HS Graduation date @ 6:00 ; Distinguished Alumni Luncheon at Noon.

June 1  Ky State Police  Drill at CCES

June 2  Ky State Police  Drill (CCHS am / CCMS noon)

June 3  Closing Day for all Staff, full day



School is back in session after a great spring break.  Teachers and students are working hard to prepare for May assessments.  I was honored to be part of the County Judge Executive's Proclamation for Child Abuse Month yesterday.  You might be alarmed to know that KY ranks 13th in the country in child per capitia in child abuse  and neglect deaths.  Let's all make an extra effort to pay attention to be aware of possible abuse.  You can report suspected abuse at 877 597 2331 or online at :

Join our community and wear BLUE on Friday, April 24 to promote Child Abuse Awareness!

Other happenings in Crittenden County Schools included:

On March 27 our district conducted a Truancy Diversion Program for middle and high school students that have excessive unexcused absences.  Plans were developed after identifying obstacles and challenges for students to be at school.  Attendance is very important  for the success of all students and funding for our districts (buses, textbooks, technology and teachers).

On April 7, Mr. Binkley, our Maintenance Supv and Energy Efficiency Director conducted an Energy Eff Comm Meeting where we discussed the efforts our student leadership teams at each school in reducing energy by turning off lights and unplugging devices and appliances over spring break.  Each school is implementing a comprehensive recycling program.


Our BOE approved the following adjustments to our School Calendar last week:

May 29     Last Day for students and HS Graduation date @ 6:00

May 28     Class Night @ 6:00

May 27     Baccalaureate @ 6:00

May 26     8th Grade Graduation @ 6:00

May 21     5th Grade Graduation @ 6:00

School will be in session on April 6 and May 19(Election Day) but there will be NO Class during Spring Break or Memorial Day, May 25

The following adjustments were made to the BOE Meeting Schedule:  The May 26 Regular Meeting will be held on May 12 at 6:00 to accommodate the end of year events and activities.  The June BOE Working session will be held on June 9 with Regular June BOE meeting scheduled for June 23.  The July BOE Working Session will take place on July 23 at 3:00 with the Regular meeting on July 30 at 6:00


Good morning and welcome to March!  I wanted to share that our BOE just attended the KY School Boards Association Winter Conference where we attended sessions on Leadership, Communication, Finance and Academic Success. I wish to commend our BOE on their dedication to our students and staff.

Right now the last day for students is scheduled for Thursday, May 28 with Graduation set for Friday, May 29 at Rocket Arena.  Tuesday May 19 is a Teacher Planning Day with no students since its an Election Day.  We intend to observe Memorial Day on Monday, May 25.  Spring Break is still scheduled for March 30-April 3.  With winter weather pending on WED all this could change.

Congratulations to our Girls and Boys Basketball teams for advancing to the Regional Tournament this week.  Our girls  will play Henderson Tuesday at 7:30 at Rocket Arena and the the boys play Henderson on WED at 7:45 in Union Co.  Go Rockets!


School will be in session for Wednesday, February 25 on a one hour delay.  Classes will begin at 9:00.  There will be no  am/pm preschool for Wednesday.  We encourage everyone to be cautious as they travel to school tomorrow.  HS/MS students will enter through the Middle School Front entrance or through the Multi-Purpose Room. 


Good afternoon, Crittenden County Schools, much like our community, is digging out from the snow that has left our county and region locked down.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Gary Cruce and the family of Randall Lanham for clearing our parking lots this week. Their hard work this week will help us get back to school next week.  In addition, Brian Kirby and David Perryman have been working to get sidewalks and buildings ready for the return of staff and students.  Of course with pending weather this weekend things could change very quickly.  Our BOE meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Feb 24 at 6:00.  The 5th District BB Tournament is scheduled for next week at Livingston County.  Boys are slated to play on Monday and Girls on Tuesday.  Also, the CCHS Baseball Schedule was released this week so find it on our homepage.


Thank You to SHOPKO for their generous donation of $750 to our school district to support students and staff!  It's great to live and work in a community that cares so much about its Schools.  Thank You.


Congratulations to our January Pathway Academy Graduates last night:  Adam Jay Collins and Devin Russell Tanner.

Also, please note that parents can register their Kindergarten child using a form on our website.  This is for students that will enroll in August.


Good Friday Afternoon!  I wanted to share out some information from our District Crisis Management Team Meeting on Thursday.  First of all, Thank You to all that attended our meeting and shared out information to make our schools a safe place to learn and teach.  We discussed our evacuation procedures in the event  that students and staff need to evacuate the building.  I want our community and parents to know that our first priority is to keep our students and staff safe in our buildings until circumstances dictate otherwise.  At that time we will decide to remain in our buildings, report to a location on campus or if we need to locate to a remote site off of campus.  In the event that we evacuate to a remote site off of campus then we will communicate our plan to the community and parents through our District One Call, District Website, The Crittenden Press/BlogSpot and WMJL.  In our communication we will let the parents know where to report so they can pick up their child.  We will have strict procedures so students can be transferred safely and efficiently.  It is very important that parents make sure their contact information is correct in Infinite Campus.  We will need the cooperation of parents/families if such an event occurs so please do not rush the school campus so our Local Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire Departments can perform their duties.  Crittenden County Schools conducts periodic safety drills so our staff and students are aware of how to react in certain situations.  We take very seriously the safety of our students and staff. Please read more from the Parents Safety Letter found on our Website Homepage.


Good morning, unexpected snow accumulation canceled classes today for Crittenden Co.  Please be aware that today's classes will be made up on Monday, April 6 and our November 17 snow day will be made up on Monday, February 16.  Have a safe day!


Attention Parents & Guardians:

Our area will be experiencing very cold temperatures over the next several days.  The safety of our students and staff is our top priority when making the decision to close or delay school.  We can assure you that our school buildings are warm, safe, and an ideal place for students to be when it is extremely cold outside.  Parents should make sure that their child is dressed appropriately for the cold weather.  The district urges students to wear winter hats, gloves, heavy coats and boots. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately in layers over the next several days.  We will continue to monitor weather reports and send updates as necessary.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the district office at 9653525


Welcome back to school students and staff!  Please be aware that the flu bug, H3N2, is still making way so please cover up when coughing and wash your hands frequently.  I wanted to share that our Rocket Kindness Assembly went really good this morning at CCHS.  We met with all HS students this morning to discuss the impact and consequences of bullying and cyber-bullying and strategies to combat the act of making hateful and hurtful comments to students.  Did you know that research shows us that Peer Intervention reduces bullying behavior by nearly 60% when implemented within 10 seconds.  We all have a role in creating a positive culture where all students feel safe.  Here are a couple of links that parents can use with their children.

On other notes, Parents of Seniors, please make sure that you complete a FAFSA form online so your child can be eligible for State and Federal Grants and Loans to attend college.

Good Luck to our CCHS Cheerleaders at State this week in Richmond !!


Welcome to Crittenden County Middle School, Mr. Jared Choate.  Mr. Choate will be teaching 8th grade Social Studies.  He is from Princeton and just finished his student teaching at Trigg County High School.  Other good news,  The English/Language Arts textbooks approved at the December BOE meeting  were delivered yesterday.  All 6th-12th grade students and teachers will have new ELA text to teach and work from starting next Monday, January 5.  Our January working/special called  session will be next Tuesday, January 6 where we will be swearing in new BOE member, Eric Larue at 6:00.  This meeting will be at the CC Central Office.



Congratulations to our new District Food Service Director, Emily Lowery!  She is a 2008 Crittenden County Graduate and has a Nutrition/Food Service Degree from Murray State University. She will begin her duties on January 12.  Welcome to our team Emily.



Great news!  Our BOE approved the purchase of English/Language Arts textbooks for grades 6-12.  Our new text will help provide resources that are aligned to the Common Core for ELA.  We are excited about our staff and students having another reading, writing and grammar resource to get College and Career Ready!

Crittenden County Boys and Girls Basketball vs Lyon Co tonight / Wear your white for the White Out!

Thanks to a $3 million grant, Crittenden Co Middle along with 9 other middle schools will be participating in The Leader in Me initiative which builds self esteem, motivation and leadership for student learning.  this is a 5 year participation grant.

Data and Dinner at Crittenden Co Middle School on Dec 15 starting at 5:00.  Door prizes will be awarded.

A big Thank you to all those that participated in my Student Advisory Groups, Community Advisory Group and the Council of Councils Meeting in November.  Continuous Improvement is our goal.

I am please to report that Crittenden County Schools currently has 837 computers and devices for staff and student engagement.