Pathway Academy

Pathway Academy High School

Phone: (270) 965-2248


First Graduating Class

In January 2009, Kevin Collins, Stephanie Wright,

and James Berry were awarded their diplomas

as the first graduates of Pathway Academy.


Crittenden County Schools recognizes that some students have difficulty learning in a traditional school setting. Pathway Academy was created in 2008 to help high school students obtain a diploma in an alternative setting instead of dropping out of school. Pathway Academy uses an electronic curriculum called Plato, which is correlated to Common Core Standards. Plato in accessible online and focuses on mastery learning through virtual lessons, quizzes, and mastery tests.

Students with at least 16 credits must meet the following criteria in order to apply for Pathway Academy:

  1. A student is two years behind their freshman cohort.
  2. A student is one year behind their freshman cohort and failed two high school math or English courses.
  3. A student presents an extenuating life circumstance.

Students may be denied admittance if they are serving a discipline consequence or have pending consequence including truancy.

All Pathway Students must agree to and follow attendance expectations approved by the Crittenden County Board of Education:

  1. Students are expected to be in attendance each day for at least four hours per day and twenty hours per week.
  2. Students will sign in and surrender their car keys and electronic devices. Students will sign out upon leaving Pathway Academy with teacher permission.
  3. Students that fail to maintain daily attendance and average twenty hours per week will be reported to the District Director for Pupil Personnel for truancy action and possible suspension from the program.

All Pathway students must attend a weekly progress conference with Pathway staff. Parents or mentors of the student will be brought into the conversation if the student is not making adequate progress. 

Additional information:

  • Applicants must be a Crittenden County High School student or dropout.
  • Pathway Academy provides a high school diploma, not a GED. 
  • 24 credits must be achieved to receive a Pathway Academy High School diploma.
  • Pathway students may work on their coursework outside of school so long as they are not suspended to to discipline or poor attendance. All pre-tests and post-tests must be completed on campus. 
  • Students are expected to earn at least one credit per month.
  • All district policies will apply including conduct, dress code, and random drug testing.
  • School transportation can be provided with special permission.
  • School meals can be provided. Free and reduced lunch applications are available on request.
  • Students enrolled in Pathway will forfeit their right to participate in extra or co-curricular activities. Students may attend public events.
  • Students must complete all required state assessments at the appropriate grade level including but not limited to: End of Course Assessments, ACT, Plan, and Explore.
  • Credits earned at Pathway will not transfer to any other high school, including Crittenden County High School.
  • A minimum of 16 credits is required before completing application.
  • Graduation ceremonies will be scheduled in January and June each year.  

For information on enrolling in Pathway, contact Diana Lusby, Supervisor of Instruction. 

Office Phone: 270.965.3525